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In Japan cranes

symbolize longevity,

happiness in married life

and fulfillment of dreams.

Hang a mobile with cranes

let them bring you happiness!

Colorful Mobiles

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Up & Up!

Black Sheep

One for All

Autumn Confusion

Four Autumn Gentlemen

Four Autumn Friends

Colorful Streamer

Midnight Organza

Checkered Wave

Sugar Candies

Touch of Spring

Childhood Dreams

Lavender Morning


Gentleman's Club

Two Halves

Have You Got Any Sense of Gothic?

Earrings - I Swear My Love to You

For Richer or Poorer

Harlequin’s Dream

Graphite Earrings

I Play Pastel Colors

Flower Earrings - Roses

Flower Earrings - Jonquils

Flower Earrings - Forget-me-nots

Earrings - Green Tea

Earrings - For a Princess

Chocolate Box

Bluebirds of Happiness

What Happened in Little China?

Chocolate and curry

The Sunny Mobile

The Blue Mobile

Black & White

The Earth Tones

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Chocolate added to the curry sauce enriches its flavor, making its taste mellow and spicy at the same time. Every gourmet should try this sophisticated fusion.