In Japan cranes

symbolize longevity,

happiness in married life

and fulfillment of dreams.

Hang a mobile with cranes

let them bring you happiness!

Colorful Mobiles

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I grew up between two cultures - Polish and Japanese.


Origami cranes as a symbol of happiness


In Japan crane is a symbol of longevity, happiness in married life and fulfilled dreams.

You can fold a thousand origami cranes, wishing your loved one a good health.

I grew up folding origami and especially I love cranes for their meaning and beautiful shape. I’ve been always folding them with pleasure and now I want to share their positive energy.


Mobiles *) as an interior decoration


Mobiles fascinate me as a discreet but very interesting interior decoration. Despite the lightness they are quite eye-catching, because they keep moving.

In Poland most often associated with installations hung over baby beds, mobiles can find their place in a totally adult space and I create them for the latter.

In fact, “a mobile” is a word invented by a French painter and chess player Marcel Duchamp for kinetic sculptures made by an American artist Alexander Calder.


In the “Colorful Mobiles” project I combined cultures I am part of.

I fold cranes using Japanese origami technique, but their uniqueness comes from the fact, that I use mainly “non-Japanese” materials, with Western patterns or having nothing to do with the paper folding art.

That is why my mobiles can be an interior decoration suitable for any spaces – in traditional or oriental as well as modern or even minimalistic styles.


Each mobile arises from a different inspiration, that is why each is unique and there are no two identical ones.

Custom-made mobile can reflect interests of a person ordering it or a person that it’s ordered for as a present.

Each style is possible and there are no limits.

*) Mobile – is a type of light, kinetic sculpture, usually made from wires, metal plates, balls etc.


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